Introducing: The Thanksgiving Pie Pack

Our pups are always eager for table scraps, but especially during Thanksgiving. And who can blame them?! One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the leftovers: the days of stacking endless gravy-drenched sandwiches and stealing sliver after sliver of pie.

This Thanksgiving, we wanted our dogs to have something to munch on too. We stuffed a limited-edition Thanksgiving Pie Pack with treats inspired by our favorite pies flavors: Applenoon Delight, Pumpkin Nut Partay and I Yam What I Yam.

While we love to topple our pie with ice cream, these treats are equally healthy and delicious for your pup!

Health Benefits 🥧

Every one our treats are packed with superfood ingredients so your dog can become the superhero they were also meant to be! Here's a look at what's inside the Thanksgiving Pie Pack:

  • Applenoon Delight mixes apples with creamy peanut butter, a combination that will make your pup's coat shine! 🍏✨
  • Pumpkin Nut Partay blends pumpkin with more peanut butter creating a protein-punching treat that also aids with digestion. 🏋️‍♂️🎃
  • I Yam What I Yam combines sweet potatoes with a dash of cinnamon to make low fat, high-fiber treats that also support a healthy digestive tract. 🍠🐕

Upcycling Story ♻️

Curious how we source such awesome flavors for new treats each month? We partner with farmers and food purveyors all over the country to take any excess food they have and turn it into dog treats! By upcycling ingredients, we keep more food out of landfills and reduce #foodwaste. 💪

We source sweet potatoes and pumpkins from Ham Farms in Snow Hill, NC — the sweet potato capital of the world! We buy their "off-sized" pumpkins and sweet potatoes that aren't fit for the store. Ham Farms is a vertically-integrated farm, which means they do all the growing and processing themselves. They put an air dryer and mill on-site as they were sick and tired of not making the most of their harvest and having to plow the uglies back into the fields — smart move!

We pick our apples from Cahoon Farms in Wolcott, New York — a farm and processing operation that sells apples, frozen products and apple juice. In producing mass volumes of apple juice, they have a ton of leftover "pomace" which is the fiber and skins of the apples. These are dehydrated and milled to create a powder that is mildly sweet and full of fiber and nutrients that pups enjoy.

Buy 2, Get 1 ⚡️

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we're hoping to sweeten our Pie Pack by offering it to you and your pup at 33% off through Dec. 2! Go ahead...there's no shame in giving your pup's leftovers.

Thanksgiving Pie Pack