Senior Support Variety Pack


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Responsibly sourced to reduce food waste

Every 6 bags purchased = 1 pound of food rescued to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

If the puppy energy has finally worn off, and your pup's gray hairs are starting to show off, our Senior Pup Pack is the way to go, with treats that ensure their health comes first! With treats filled with glucosamine, to ensure strong hip & joint support, or dental sticks that are filled with pre- and pro-biotics while keeping their pearly whites nice and clean, we have your senior pup's back- without compromising taste or quality. 

  • Lobster Rollover Soft Baked Biscuits
  • Break An Egg Soft Baked Biscuits
  • Moo Lobsta Jerky
  • Duck-Tato Jerky
  • The Tooth Berry Dental Sticks
  • Carrate Chomp Dental Sticks