We carefully select every ingredient to provide
the utmost nutrition and taste while prioritizing
sustainability and food safety.

Every product must meet this criteria
before being called Shameless.

Every 12 bags saves 1 pound of food!


  • "We like the quality of the ingredients and the company's mission to reduce food waste. Most importantly our patients loved them!" ★★★★★
    - Dr. Cathy Sinning, Lake Harriett Veterinary
  • "I was hesitant to try this product as my dogs are seriously the pickiest eaters, but they devoured all of your flavors! I was most impressed that Sammy ate the Pumpkin Par-tay as he normally never touches anything Pumpkin!!! We’ll be ordering these all the time and I love that you use upcycled ingredients...it’s awesome that I’m helping out with something I believe in and my dogs love them!" ★★★★★
    - Dee Krasue, Mom to Sammy, rescue dog, and Lexie, a dachshund
  • "My dogs loved the product, Lobster being #1. They ate all of them but they aggressively tried to eat the Lobster ones after smelling them, LOL" ★★★★★
    - Ryan Meczyk, Dad to three small dogs
  • "Both of my dogs loved everything about the egg and lobster flavors! Both were flavors that my picky shepherd sought out. He never spit it out (something he is famous for), but ate it right up. He normally doesn’t like seafood either!" ★★★★★
    - Chris Aschero; Mom to Drageo, a GSD, and Bellatrix, a Pug
  • "My friend just rescued a new dog, so I ordered 4 bags of Shameless Pets for him 🤗 no dog home is complete without these treats!" ★★★★★
    - Morgan Britton