Sit, Stay, Upcycle!

Most dogs know the words sit, stay and come. But there’s one word Shameless Pets dogs know and love, and that word is upcycling!

What does upcycling mean at Shameless Pets? It means rescuing and transforming misfit and surplus produce into high quality treats for your pets. We prioritize working with North American suppliers to find creative, sustainable solutions for misfit and surplus foods that would otherwise go to a food waste destination.

Now we’re not just throwing any old food into your pet’s treats. We focus on nutrition first and foremost, making sure all food that goes into our treats are packed with nutrients. These ingredients go through rigorous protocols and testing to ensure they’re safe and of the highest quality before being turned into Shameless Pets treats.

The food that passes our high standards is often from two categories: surplus or misfits. Misfit ingredients meet all grocery standards, but can’t be sold because they don’t meet cosmetic standards. When you see ingredients like sweet potatoes, blueberry, beet, carrots, pumpkin, or bananas, in your Shameless Pets treats, just think of a wonky looking (but still delicious) version of those ingredients, and that’s exactly what’s going into our treats. Just as tasty, but a little weird looking. Surplus ingredients are the parts of perfectly good food that is leftover after production. Like the bits of butternut that don’t get spiralized when making zoodles, or the pulp leftover from squeezing juice. In Shameless Pets treats, you can find surplus ingredients like apple pomace, butternut squash, egg shells, salmon skins, sunflower seed meal, all of which are great for your pup.

Upcycling ingredients is an eco friendly solution that doesn’t sacrifice taste or quality. Most dogs agree, the only thing that sacrifices taste and quality is when their humans hide their pills inside a treat. And hey, upcycling can solve a lot of things, but it can’t solve that! Sorry dogs, but hopefully your human will give you an extra healthy, nutrient packed treat after, just for being good.