A Look Into Our Upcycled Carrots

November 13, 2021

A Look Into Our Upcycled Carrots

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An inside look on how we upcycle carrots, and how our Midwest farmers are positively impacting their community

Black dog holding bag of carrate chompe carrot salmon flavored dental sticks

Funky carrots are good

We partner with one of our favorite Midwesterners for our carrots- a multi-generational family farm in Michigan, whose farm is centered in one of the vegetable and fruit growing hubs in the entire state (so you know you’re getting some quality foods).

How it began

We actually first met our producer when we were looking for pumpkins to upcycle. Unfortunately, the week prior, he had just turned under 100,000 lbs of pumpkins in his field, because they were not shaped perfectly for the retail pumpkin market. Our hearts sank… and so did his. What turned out to be an unfortunate event led to a great opportunity to ensure that more action is to be taken so unused foods wouldn’t be wasted again.

Making an impact

Needless to say, we love our Michigan farmer, whose twisty carrots steal the show in our Carrate Chomp Dental Sticks and our Clucken Carrot Soft Baked Biscuits!