Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Shameless Pets’ consumer advisory group? What are the responsibilities of someone who joins the Squad?

In short, our Shameless Snack Squad is a group of pet parents who love the Shameless Pets brand, are passionate about their pets, and want to help us make the best pet products ever. We ask our squad to provide product feedback, share honest reviews, spread the word to family and friends, and occasionally be secret shoppers at select retailers.

Q; Who can join the Shameless Snack Squad?

To be eligible for the Shameless Snack Squad, you must be over the age of 18 and excited to share feedback and spread your love of Shameless Pets to friends and family. We are currently accepting applications from United States residents only.

Q: Am I required to post certain things on my social media?

We will occasionally suggest ideas to post on social media, but we prefer our squad to spread the word in the way that feels authentic to each person. This may mean sharing samples with neighbors, treating a friend, or posting a review online. If you are a content creator wanting to become a Shameless Pets creator, please consider joining our ambassador program instead.

Q: Can I be a part of the Shameless Snack Squad and the Shameless Pets ambassador program? Yes! We’d love for you to be as involved in our community as it makes sense for you.

Q: How long will I be a part of the Shameless Snack Squad?

We work with our squad for a 12-month period, with the opportunity to renew for longer if desired!

Q: This sounds amazing! How do I apply?

Please apply here at this link: Snack Squad Application Form