How we turn surplus apples into dog treats

APR 5, 2020

How We Turn Surplus Apples Into Healthy Dog Treats

Get to know more about our human grade, upcycled apples, and how we turn leftover apple pulp into the star of our apple-based treats.

It's apple season

Tis the season for apple orchards and freshly squeeze apple juice! As you're enjoying that tall, fresh glass of apple cider, you may not have thought about what happened to the rest of the apple after it was squeezed.

The sad reality is that what remains of the apple can get easily tossed out and end up as food waste. We didn't like the sound (or look) of that, so we decided to do something about it.

Our apples

Our apples come from a multi-generational, family-owned New York farm/processing facility, who not only sells the juiciest apples, but also makes frozen products & apple juice. In producing mass volumes of apple juice, they have tons of leftover "pomace" which is the fiber and skins of the apples. Just like for us humans, apple pomace is full of fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C, which are crucial to our pup's diet to keep them healthy & regular.

Instead of tossing these to the side, we team up with our farmers to make sure these apples get a second chance.

But how can these ingredients arrive to us freshly?

We take the apple pomace and start dehydrating them. After that, they get milled to create a powder that's mildly sweet & still full of all its nutrients... they've officially earned their stripes as being labeled 'upcycled'!

We then mix these upcycled apples with drool-worthy ingredients to create two perfect apple-based treats.Text

Check out our Applenoon Delight Soft Baked Biscuit, an OG treat, that's a blend of our upcycled apples with some peanut butter for taste + healthy fats, turmeric for inflammation, and flaxseed for extra fiber.

Our A Cluck A Day Dental Sticks are full of prebiotics, probiotics, and agave inulin, so your pups get full digestive support while keeping their teeth clean.