Winter Care Tips for Your Pup

NOV 18, 2021

Winter Care Tips For Your Pup

Just because they have a thick coat, doesn't mean they can't get chilly! Read below for a quick checklist for your pup to be winter-ready

With the temperature dropping and the snow falling, your pups may be begging for some extra outside play time. But just like us, our furry pals will need some winter gear to stay warm (even our double coaters).

Here’s a quick checklist of reminders for the chilly months ahead! After all, a safe pup is a happy pup (and pawrent!)

Protect their paws
- Wear booties! They may strut a funny walk at first, but it's a great protectant against the chilly ground & snow.
- If your dog refuses to wear booties, be sure to pay special attention to their feet and in-between the toes.
- Remove any snow balls from between his foot pads.
- Invest in paw pad wax. Concrete, ice, and salt can be tough on their feet- keep some wax nearby and apply them to your pup’s paws regularly.

Towel off
- After a walk, use a towel to wipe their coat and paws- this will allow them to shake off all the extra snow off (and keep your floors from getting wet).

Sweaters are cool
- Sport a sweater and make sure their bellies are covered!

Keep an eye for signs
- Obvious signs such as shivering, whimpering, & not wanting to walk are good indicators that it's a bit too cold to be outside for them. Take these seriously- your pup may be too cold for a walk around the neighborhood!

Some pups do better in the cold weather than other breeds. Check out this article for more info to learn if your pup will love the cold!