Shameless Pets focuses on upcycling foods, the sustainable solution to rescue and transform misfit and surplus produce into high quality treats for your pets. 

Imagine a farmer's leftover pumpkins after Halloween or apple pulp from a cider press - we rescue these healthy ingredients so they don't go to waste causing needless greenhouse gases. These ingredients are ridiculously tasty, highly nutritious for your pups and have a positive impact on the planet that requires nothing in return.

Food Waste Affects EVERYONE

Did you know? 62.5 MILLION tons of food are throw away each year. That's enough food to feed half the U.S.A! 

Food is wasted every step along the way from the field to consumption:
      • Agricultural production
      • Post harvest
      • Processing
      • Distribution
      • Consumption

    Shameless Pets focuses on rescuing ingredients from agricultural production, post harvest leftovers, and food processing.

    Fruits, vegetables, and dairy are the greatest contributors to food waste and where we focus our efforts.

    In addition to wasting nutritious calories, food waste contributes to throwing away precious resources such as water, land, energy, and labor. According to a leading research institution, Project Drawdown, food waste is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. If food waste were measured as a country, it would be the third worst greenhouse gas offender after the U.S. and China!

      By coming together to reduce food waste, we can make a significant impact to our ecosystem!