Upcycling makes everything better

So, what does that mean?  

Upcycling makes our treats tastier, healthier, and the planet healthier, so pets and pet parents are happier, too.

Our treats? They are nutritionist crafted to pack health benefits into every bag. Take a look at our ingredients and you’ll find upcycled superfoods like sweet potatoes and pumpkins that deliver sought-after health benefits such as digestive support.

Our flavors? They are crazy delicious. We seek out pet-adored ingredients to upcycle so all of our treats are crafted with real ingredients that pets love, plus free from ingredients they don't need. With over 1 million 5-star reviews online, our flavors will have your pups drooling and your kitties pouncing.

Our planet? Preventing food waste is the #1 action we can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By upcycling ingredients for our treats we are helping to prevent food waste and take action to fight climate change. To date, we’ve upcycled over 1 million pounds of food and we are just getting started.



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